Florida fly fishing

We’ve lived in Jacksonville over a year now, smack dab in a tangle of rivers, creeks, backwaters – not to mention the Atlantic ocean –  and I haven’t gone FISHING yet!

I’ve located two local outfitters, www.blackflyoutfitters.com and www.backwaterfishingadventures.com who take clients fly fishing for redfish, speckled sea trout, just about anything except alligators. I’ve got to sign up with one or both of these guys to get me on the water! Hope they don’t have an age limit.

Here are two popular redfish patterns. I don’t know their names but they look deadly. Help me out here Lefty Ray Chapas. I know you fly fish for reds in Texas. Tell me what flies we’re looking at. Click thumbnails to enlarge.












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  1. Charlie Waterman years ago wrote in Gray’s Sporting Journal about fly fishing for shad in Florida.That’s right: SHAD! I guess they get big down thataway. It also seems they are downright palatable if I remember correctly.
    I’ve got just about every issue GSJ ever published and could probably dig it out if you’re desperate. But then I’d have to charge you a librarian fee for going through the water damaged stack of them.

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