Books written and illustrated by cartoonist and author Bruce Cochran. Book titles include, but are not limited to: Antlers Away, Marsh Madness, Revenge of the Trout Zombies. These and other Cochran books may be purchased from Amazon.  All books are published by Willow Creek Press.

All Books Written by Bruce Cochran

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Title Year ISBN-13
Revenge of the Trout Zombies 2008 9781595436023
Marsh Madness: A Lighthearted Look at the Wacky World of Waterfowling 2006 9781595433879
Golden Fever: A Rollicking Romp with Everyone’s Buddy, the Golden Retriever 2003 9781572235878
Antlers Away: Close Encounters in the Deer Woods! 2003 9781572237049
Lab Fever: Living, Loving and Laughing With America’s #1 Pet 2000 9781572232624
Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Hunting 1995 9781572230347
Cheep Thrills 1995 9781559714372
Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Camping 1995 9781572230330
Uncle Charlie’s Hunting Shack 1994 9781572230187
The Recycled Teenager 1994 9781886386273
Buck Fever: Deer Camp Cartoons 1993 9781559710800
Trout Fever: Cartoons From the Liar’s Lair 1993 9781559711494
Duck Fever: Duck Hunting Cartoons 1992 9781572230699
Bass Fever: Fishing Cartoons 1991 9781559711272
No Room For Wellington 1973 9780030846533