Another Tweener

As explained earlier, a Tweener is a cartoon that’s too raunchy for outdoor publications but too outdoorsy for Playboy. It’s in between. This one was close, but maybe it brought back unpleasant memories for the editors.

If you’ve ever had a 100 pound Labrador retriever fall in love with your leg on a cold morning you’ll understand.
Typucal Tweener

Tweener Time

Once again it’s Tweener Time. Tweeners are those cartoons too raunchy for outdoor publications but to outdoorsy for Playboy.

Catfishermen with stink bait have nothing on bow hunters, who use a variety of smelly substances to mask their own odor. Raccoon urine was in vogue for a while but you don’t hear much about it lately. Maybe the supply dried up (pun intended).

coon pee

Once again it’s Tweener Time

As you may remember, Tweeners are cartoons too edgy or raunchy for outdoor magazines but too outdoorsy for Playboy. They are in between.

If this particular Tweener seems mild to you that’s because you’re not a magazine editor. To we normal people this cartoon depicts two toms discussing how they hope to wind up in the sack (or where ever turkeys do it) with that sexy female turkey on the right. To an editor it conjures up images of inappropriate sexual advances, tag-team rape and possible job loss.

And you thought the cartoon racket was easy.


It’s Tweener Time

As the New Year festers on the horizon, threatening to cut a wide swath through our hopes and expectations, lighten your load with a brief moment of laughter.

As you may recall from a previous lesson, a “Tweener” is a cartoon that’s a little too raunchy for outdoor publications but too outdoorsy for Playboy. It’s in between. The urban metrosexual Playboy reader knows nothing of doe-in-heat scent (unless he leads an even kinkier sex life than most) and the typical outdoor magazine editor isn’t comfortable publishing a cartoon that, in this case, deals with cross-fertilization between deer and deer hunter.

But you’re a weirdo or you wouldn’t be looking at this blog, so you should be able to view a Tweener once in a while without having your moral compass knocked off kilter.