Opening Weekend at the Lone Oak Duck Club

If done right, owning a duck club is an all-year job and the guys at the Lone Oak Duck Club do it right.  That hot sweaty work all summer starts to pay off and by November  the  place is a duck cafeteria.

There’s a long season ahead, but first… the traditional night-before-opening-day bonfire.

We always eat well at the Lone Oak Duck Club
Chuck, ducks and golden retriever Zoe
 Zoe threading her way through the decoys to bring in a nice fat greenhead


Oh deer!

Even though I don’t deer hunt in Missouri anymore I think it’s fun to play with my Bushnell trail cam just to see what’s sneaking around our Bates County property at night. I keep hoping I’ll catch something exotic like a mountain lion or bear, but this eight point buck will have to do for now.

He may even make it through the coming deer season as he seems to be pretty nocturnal. But if anybody bags him, can I have a couple of loin chops?M2E1L0-0R350B300