Another big Kansas whitetail

My friend photographer Jon Blumb bagged this big whitetail buck near Atchison, KS during the Kansas firearms deer season. Just one more example of why Kansas is recognized as one of the best states in the country to shoot a big whitetail.

Hey Jon…maybe next time tuck his tongue in first. OK?


Jon's deer



2 thoughts on “Another big Kansas whitetail

  1. Hi Bruce,
    I know what you mean and I thought about it. I wanted an honest and realistic record of the buck and the kill. I made the decision to end that buck’s life, and I was so impressed by him that I butchered, cut, and wrapped the meat myself. I cut and boiled the head to produce a beautiful trophy mount, and I’m currently tanning the hide so I can remember and honor this fine whitetail and the experience of harvesting him. I appreciated the experience so much that I chose to show my respect for the buck by personally controlling everything that happened after the kill. Thus, a sanitized photo with the tongue tucked in would be unrealistic and by my photojournalistic standards, euphemistic as well. Here’s to our fantastic wildlife and the opportunity to pursue and harvest it!

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