It’s shed time

It was nice of this 6-point whitetail buck to pose for my friend Dave’s trail cam in his back yard. Actually there might be another tine hiding back there. Anyway now it’s a 3 or 4-pointer. It’s a little early in our part of the country for bucks to start shedding antlers but maybe this guy just wanted to get a head start and beat the rush.

A Buck’s Worst Nightmare

You’re a whitetail buck and the rut is on. Your neck is swollen with lust,  you’re rubbing your new antlers on every little tree you can find and making scrapes in the ground all over your territory trying to find  the right girl for you. What is your worst nightmare?


Another Big Buck Caught on Trail Cam

I left this trail cam out for a looong time and captured this buck on July 19th. This is a young deer, probably 3 1/2 years old. He has a minimum of 13 points with at least one back tine (not visible in this picture) and possibly two. Notice that he’s already got nice mass in his mains. Give him three more years and he’ll be yet another Baldwin giant.

Use in your blog if you’d like. Image is in poor focus due to the fact that he is mugging the camera too closely.

Scott Morgan

Baldwin City, KS

Young whitetail buck mugs for the trail cam