More big Kansas white tail bucks

This big nocturnal, Kansas whitetail buck ,  antlers still in velvet, was hard to capture on one of my friend Scott Morgan’s many trail cams. Scott has several cameras scattered over a wide area near his home in eastern Kansas. He’s hoping to get a shot of a cougar that has been sighted in the vicinity. So far no luck on the cougar but lots of deer and turkey.

It’s shed time

It was nice of this 6-point whitetail buck to pose for my friend Dave’s trail cam in his back yard. Actually there might be another tine hiding back there. Anyway now it’s a 3 or 4-pointer. It’s a little early in our part of the country for bucks to start shedding antlers but maybe this guy just wanted to get a head start and beat the rush.

Trail Cam Bucks

Two nice bucks  tripped Scott Morgan’s trail cam near Baldwin City, KS recently. Wouldn’t you like to see these two guys on opening morning! Click on the photos to enlarge them.

If you’re hoping to buy a trail cam soon (as I am) Scott says you can’t go wrong with  Reconyx . They’re expensive but worth it.