Ducks ducks ducks and more ducks

Clouds of ducks taking off from the Lone Oak Duck Club in western Missouri. Probably mostly mallards with a few shovelers, gadwalls and teal. But this video was taken in FEBRUARY! Where were they in November and December??

The guys worked hard all summer creating good  waterfowl habitat and I’m glad the birds can use it on their way  north. But the least the little bastards could do is allow the folks who did all the hard work a little action.



Say you were a duck…

Say you were a duck… flying along… just looking for a nice place to eat… and you saw a place like this, wouldn’t you lock up and cruise right in?

That’s apparently what this mallard drake did when he spotted the Lone Oak Duck Club.

Maybe the guys down below in the duck blind should have let him go so he could go back and tell all his buddies about it.