Woods full of deer

My friend Scott Morgan has several trail cams out and he keeps coming up with photos of big eastern Kansas whitetails. The big guy in the background is probably going to drop his rack any day now. Makes me want to get out there and go shed hunting before the rodents get to them.

Another big Kansas whitetail

My friend photographer Jon Blumb bagged this big whitetail buck near Atchison, KS during the Kansas firearms deer season. Just one more example of why Kansas is recognized as one of the best states in the country to shoot a big whitetail.

Hey Jon…maybe next time tuck his tongue in first. OK?


Jon's deer



Kansas big bucks

If this doesn’t get you fired up for deer season nothing will. These big guys showed up on my friend Scott’s trail cam recently. He didn’t tell me where they are and I didn’t ask but they’re somewhere in eastern Kansas.   Scott says the one on the left in the second photo is a shooter but Scott is a trophy hunter. I’m a meat hunter so my trophy is a ninety pound doe. 2 bucks