Fishing On the White River

Long time, no blog. Apologies to my loyal followers …both of you.

Another fun two days on the White River with outfitter and philosopher Miles Riley. No huge wall-hangers but enough action…mostly rainbows… to keep the days interesting.

White River Beach

The first morning Riley’s son Gavin drove us to Rim Shoal where Raleigh Eggers and I stayed out of the way while Miles launched hi battered johnboat and we motored upstream toward Redbud shoal in dense fog, picking up a trout or two along the way. Floating back downstream, fishing was uncharacteristically slow through Rim shoal and lower Rim but picked up as the fog lifted. We finished the day in Riley’s home water. The bite had slacked off considerably but Raleigh and I were too pooped to care. Besides, a cold drink and a hot shower were beckoning.

White River Brown

Next morning, after a false start due to lightening, we motored from Riley’s Station upstream to buffalo shoal where we spent the entire day boating and releasing eleven to fourteen inch rainbows, most of which took a #16 sow bug imitation tied by Miles and Michelle’s 11-year-old daughter Jalen.

Lunch on the White River

After drinks in Raleigh’s “party room” at the Mountain Home Days Inn we headed for nearby Colton’s Steak House where we ate both nights. After dinner we retired to our separate rooms (Raleigh snores something awful) to rest up for the five hour drive back to Kansas City next day.

Want some beautiful Arkansas scenery with a mess of trout thrown in? Check out Miles and Michelle’s website at or email Miles at

You know you need to fish more when…

You know you need to fish more when your boat becomes a tree nursery. I recently had to harvest my boat. Got a good crop of little maple trees. Now all I need to do is fish more before it fills up with snow.

Olathe Cedar Lake

In an attempt to beat the heat Don Francis and I fished Olathe Cedar Lake from 7:30 AM to 9 AM today. This is an old lake, right off I-35, that winds through the suburban countryside like a miniature Lake of the Ozarks. It’s rumored to have a healthy population of large crappie. We talked to a kid who claimed to have caught a sixteen incher the day before while fishing from the dam. Don caught one small crappie this morning. I managed to boat a 4” green sunfish on my 7-weight fly rod after a lengthy struggle.

 I wouldn’t consider this lake a fishing destination but I may return in the spring to see if I can tempt some of those alleged mammoth crappie.

Stone cabin on south shore of Olathe Cedar Lake


The Hartell Conservation Area northeast of Plattsburg, MO

Hartell Conservation Area

My first time to this beautiful area. Several small  ponds. Two are managed for “trophy bass”, two others for “trophy bluegills” That doesn’t necessarily mean there are any “trophies” in them. It’s all C&R, which makes no sense to me on the bluegills . I’ve always been lead to believe you need to keep removing some fish for the others to grow big. Oh well, nice day to be outdoors.  I fished 5.10 acre “Picnic Lake”  2.5 hours in mid-day.  Didn’t catch any fish but had some strikes. Anyone who hasn’t fished this area should try it. Only 66 miles from my house in Prairie Village, KS.