Opening Weekend at the Lone Oak Duck Club

If done right, owning a duck club is an all-year job and the guys at the Lone Oak Duck Club do it right.  That hot sweaty work all summer starts to pay off and by November  the  place is a duck cafeteria.

There’s a long season ahead, but first… the traditional night-before-opening-day bonfire.

We always eat well at the Lone Oak Duck Club
Chuck, ducks and golden retriever Zoe
 Zoe threading her way through the decoys to bring in a nice fat greenhead


Another Duck Season Comes to a Close

If you have to bag a lot of birds to have a good duck season 2012 was not your kind of year. We didn’t have many good days… unless you consider watching a beautiful Missouri sunrise or grilling sausage & cheese biscuits with friends in a twenty-six year old duck blind a good day.  How about stroking the damp fur of a good Lab who would rather be there with you than any place else on earth and would eagerly leap into ice-cold water to retrieve a duck (if you ever shot one)?   What about an evening sitting by a fire, cradling a cold drink in your gloved hand while hoping to spot a late flight of wood ducks cruising in for the night or a doe getting an early start on her nightly prowl for acorns and left-over field corn?

 If these things float your layout boat then you would have been right at home at the Lone Oak Duck Club this past season.