Kansas dove hunt

Thanks to long-time friend Scott Morgan I finally got into a good dove hunt. No limits but enough shooting to make our shoulders sore.

Scott, Roger Harper, photographer Jon Blumb and I hunted an eastern Kansas wheat field Friday afternoon. Hunkering in the shade of  hay bales we expended a humongous amount of ammo and managed to bring down a respectable number of birds. Flights of low-flying Canada geese provided entertainment while we field dressed the birds, then  headed to Baldwin City for drinks and dinner at The Wooden Spoke restaurant.

Roger, Scott and I went back for more the next day. I took my Lab Maggie with me this time for her first dove hunt. Some dogs are reluctant to pick up doves because the feathers come off in their mouths and Maggie was no exception. But when I dropped a bird she marked it down well, making it easier for me to find. Before the end of the day she was retrieving them. Well…sort of.

Maggie did OK for a rookie and  we put six succulent bacon-wrapped dove breasts on the grill, toasted the Spirit Of Migration, and froze another six for later.









Dove hunting in Missouri

Why am I always the last to know? After limiting out opening morning at a public dove hunting field east of Clinton, MO my friend Gary asked me to go back the  next afternoon. Beautiful field, sunflowers, the doves favorite snack, mowed in strips leaving hunters room  to hide  in the uncut part. Typical dove hunting weather. Hot, lots of bug spray  and sunblock. But the doves didn’t show up. As someone once put it, “If every time you went into McDonald’s somebody started shooting at you, it wouldn’t take long for you to find a new place to eat”.

Gary shot one bird that fell in heavy cover and his Lab pup Cody used his nose and found it. I shot one bird and it fell in the same area but with even thicker cover and Cody couldn’t find it. Oh well…nice afternoon to be outdoors.

Afterwards we ate dinner at Mallard’s Roadhouse on highway 7 west of Clinton. As you would expect, duck hunting decor, wood paneled walls etc. Made us feel right at home. Good service and excellent food. We’ll be back!



dove hunt