Fast food from the farm

Fast food from the farm

The annual early teal season is usually a total crap shoot. At least it is at the Lone Oak Duck Club in western Missouri. Sometimes the little speedsters  have come and gone before the season opens. Other times they’re still up north.

The table is setNo need to brush a blind. Just hunker down in the flooded millet before daylight, load up and wait. And make sure you bring as much industrial strength mosquito repellant as you can carry.  The teal…usually blue wing… may show up or they won’t. The shooting will be over by 9 AM and you can go back to bed or do some chores around the farm.

This time the guys were in luck. Okay…a little luck anyway.



Canada geese nest in strange places

Today I walked up to one of our duck blinds and a Canada goose leapt from the roof. She actually had a nest up there. Goose nests are not much better than dove nests, only bigger. Just a little pile of sticks. No wonder skunks, raccoons, foxes, coyotes and black snakes eat most of the eggs and goslings.

Also lots of blue wing teal and a  few shovelers still hanging around. They’re the first to come down in the fall and the last to leave in the spring. They must like it here.

Couldn’t get a very good photo. Use your imagination.

goose nest