Suburban bucks

These two bucks showed up on my friend Dave’s trail cam….in his back yard. Dave lives in the outer suburbs of the Kansas City area and sights like this are not at all uncommon.

2 thoughts on “Suburban bucks

  1. Nice photo. I took pictures of two deer in my back yard recently – both eating the rest of my Hosta and Day lilies. Will try to put up a solar operated electric fence to stop them from coming back for the 3rd year – but more important, would love to catch the thief who’s helping him/herself to my wood pile. It’s all the way in back of the yard exposed to the corner and street. Pitch black there – am thinking that perhaps I can catch them if I buy a camera that takes night photos.Any suggestions?

    Hope I meet you again at the next OWAA show. Best, Arline Zatz

    • Thanks for the comment, Arline. Good to hear from you. For the life of me I can’t think of the brand name of my trail cam and it’s down at our cabin at the Five Guys And A Swamp Duck Club. But I have your email address in the OWAA directory and I’ll tell you as soon as my memory kicks in.

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