Kill Creek Lake

Whether you’re a bank fisherman or a boater, 28-acre Kill Creek Lake, between De Soto and Olathe, south of KS highway 10 is a beautiful place to fish. The park opened in 2001 and, assuming the lake was impounded and stocked at that time, it should contain some sizeable bass. I fish it often and have yet to catch any two pounds or larger, but the smaller bass are healthy, scrappy, and fun to catch on a fly rod.

In addition to a healthy largemouth bass population Kill Creek Lake supposedly contains walleye, smallmouth bass, wipers, channel cat, crappie, bluegill, and green sunfish.

The east portion of the lake contains standing timber and the rest has quite a bit of sub-surface cover. Look for it with your depth finder. Gasoline motors are not allowed but the lake is small enough to navigate safely with an electric motor.

There are usually some families or couples bank fishing but I’ve seen few other boats on the water.

I fished it yesterday from 5:30PM to 9PM and boated six bass. The fly of the day was a  #2 black sparkle grub.

A Johnson County Parks & Recreation permit is required for anglers 16 to 64. Geezers like me fish for free.

Big fly-little bass

Sparkle grub

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