End of a duck season

The season ended so suddenly at the Five Guys And A Swamp Duck Club that we didn’t even have time to pick up our decoys. Then we froze solid, and now the water has finally thawed and we can finally get in to do the job we should have done earlier. When we waded in hundreds of mallards took flight. Where the hell were they in November and December? With this fall’s weather they were probably still in Canada or North Dakota.

2 thoughts on “End of a duck season

  1. Good pics, Bruce. Glad to see you are getting out and about. If you want to come gooseing, give me or Roger H. a shout. All you gotta do is ride a Mule out to the field and lie down. Today we had many flights come in but they skirted the rig bigly time and again. Ain’t their first rodeo of course. Wednesday, we’re changing our plan.

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